The Nuitka development will hopefully become richer by me developing online one day per week. Maybe more or less often, but I believe on a regular basis will be best.


On Discord, we will have a Streaming room. There is a react bot, that you can use to be automatically notified by Discord, when a Stream is started, this one is in: the welcome channel of the Discord.

The main chat on Gitter will be linked a chat room on Discord, so for people not on Discord, they still have that available.

The stream will be recorded in Youtube and later put online, maybe only a few excerpts, not sure how good it’s going to be. There will be quality issues in the beginning. And I don’t want to spend a lot of time editing material that might not get watched at all.

Discord will be used for a call-in part. I will unmute people and discuss one on one with viewers, live on air, answering questions.

And then, I have setup OBS with a camera view and my desktop shared, and I expect to be streaming to Youtube on my existing channel that I cleaned up a bit:


I believe the weekend should be used. Not sure yet when exactly I can start, I am aiming for mid January right now, with a test stream before that.

I plan to stream with one lunch/sports break, on my CEST morning and an afternoon or evening time, and maybe if I get carried away, more often.


My idea is to take on challenging topics, e.g. making code specialization of INT LONG and CLONG work for code like some_int += 2, where the 2 is currently used as a prepared INT or LONG object (depending on Python version).

In a test stream, it worked really well to commonly improve the web site. Documentation and generally clarification would be good, but I think there also needs to be some plan, like making a certain piece of code quicker. I will be asking for submissions on Twitter and/or in a blog post.


I think I could e.g. go with streaming on Sunday and announcing the topic on Friday in a blog post, and/or a Twitter post. Then when going live, a Discord ping is done. Gitter chat will also get a text message. Youtube has the bell, that I might ask people to use, but I don’t like asking these things.